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The Magic of Madeira’s Blue Marlin Fishing

Madeira Fishing (Sport Fishing) on the "Katherine B"

I am Capt. Peter Bristow. I would like to offer you this opportunity to join me on my boat the 'Katherine B' in what promises to be the ‘Sport Fishing’ experience of a lifetime.
The experienced fisher will find, with us, the best Mid-Atlantic big game fishing crew and equipment available on Madeira island. This is where you find Fishing in Madeira at its best!

For those wishing an introduction to sport fishing, you can learn to experience the thrill of the rod and reel under our careful instruction.
Our boat is fully equipped for all sport fishing requirements and ready to cruise the bountiful waters of Madeira for those record size Blue Marlin and Tuna.

Please note that as a policy we practice “tag and release” for Billfish. On the following web-pages you will find a wealth of information to help you make your fishing trip, one of a lifetime.
Madeira really is the premiere location for excellent climate, breathtaking scenery and world record catch big game fishing.

I look forward to welcoming you on board.

Captain Peter Bristow

Capt. Peter Bristow

Sport Fishing Expert
Fishing in Madeira
Sport Fishing in Madeira

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