Record setting Spearfish in Madeira

When is the best time to fish? Spearfish in May and June

There is a good possibility of a world record Spearfish to be taken on light tackle in Madeira.

The photographs show a fish, which if it had been taken on light tackle, of world record size.

NOTE! This fish was tagged and successfully released.

BILLFISH FOUNDATION AWARD. The Angler who tagged and released the above Spearfish and 4 others - Mr Allan Mason of the UK has won the '2000 Angler Release Certificate Award' for the most Spearfish released in the world by one angler.

Allan tagged and released 5 Spearfish in total over two days of fishing off our boat 'Katherine B' with Capt. Peter Bristow at the helm. The Spearfish were all caught on lure heads made by 'Dustin Foo' of London and YO-ZURI skirts from Japan.

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